Dyno Tuning And Rentals

Proformances Speed Shop Offers Custom Dyno Tunes (Protunes) For FORD, CHEVY, SUBARU, also tune many other Domestic And Imports models.

Pro Tunes Start At $500.00 (2 hour Flat Rate) $100.00hr Afterwards $75-100 Additional Tunes For SCT, Diablo. Hp Tuners will be charged $100-200 extra for credits, Direct Flash Extra $75-100 for credits (Fords Only). 88-95 Ford/Chevy Cars requiring Chip $100.00 Extra For Chip.

Bench Tunes for fords and chevy $300-500, (Not including shipping)

Tune Files for COBB/SCT/Diablo/Holley $300-500

Stand Alone Systems, Holley, Fast, Big Stuff, Aem and other models Starting At $650.00

Dyno Rentals $100.00Hr (Please call for quote)

Dyno Pulls To Give You An Idea Where your Car Is at $75.00 For 2 Pulls.